4 Reasons to Outsource B2B Lead Generation

Outsourced inside sales – the answer to all our lead generation problems!


It’s evident from research that businesses who nurture leads make ten times more sales than those who don’t. While your business isn’t naïve enough to throw away half of its revenue, you may have concerns about hiring a specialist agency to generate profitable leads. However, getting an outsourced inside sales team to handle your sales functions is not only just a cost-effective way of multiplying revenue, but it also allows you to reap the benefits of better performance within the limited expenditure.


They let you focus on your real goals


Whatever field of B2B your business operates in, one thing will ring true – the thing that’s responsible for generating revenue for your business is its USP. Why? Because it’s your unique asset that can’t be bought from elsewhere. Hiring an outsourced inside sales team gives you the relaxation and energy to focus on the real objectives of your company.


Lead generation does a lot more than you think


If you think an external sales team will hijack your money and run or just make a few calls and then sideline themselves, you’re wrong. It might be surprising for you but a B2B lead generation company not only delivers you results but delivers them in a variety of ways.

It may look like that their only responsibility is to bring in more business, but often they are multi-facet specialists who can cover a wide range of services.

As for us, we at Leads2cloz offer a full suite of outsourced sales and marketing services, including lead qualification, campaign strategy setting, customer contact, and conversation nurture, campaign effectiveness analytics, and transaction management & closure.


They have the data that speak to the right people


One of the major problems that companies encounter with an in-house sales program is the resources they can afford and manage. Good lead generation is a matter of connecting with the right people at the right time. And this comes down to having the correct data and contacts – which are the resources that allow an outsourced inside sales company to outline lead generation strategies that speak to the right people.


It’s a cost-effective way of generating more revenue


Every business has some visible costs to bear with at any cost – the office space, staff, bills, and monthly expenses, etc. But there are many other hidden costs to deal with as well, such as training, insurance, sick days, tools, and software. Outsourcing your lead generation will help you to strip away some of these, making it a cost-effective way of making more than you would do without it.


No business indeed wants to increase their expenditure, and plenty thinks that looking after everything in-house will help them do so.

While there are some aspects of a business that surely need to be kept in-house, many tasks can be outsourced and dealt with more effectively by specialist companies and that too at very low costs. B2B lead generation is one of those many business components that can generate huge profits if outsourced to the right teams.



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