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The best appointment setting company


Do you house a range of exceptional products or services that you wish to get in front of the correct decision-makers? Awesome. Being one of the leading B2B appointment setting companies, our professionals can assist you in many ways.

At Leads2cloz, we specialize in the generation of high-quality B2B leads. We qualify and generate leads on the basis of your criteria, like turnover and location, setting appointments for your salespeople.

We’ll give you as much assistance and information as we can to ensure that your appointments turn into revenue and sales. It’s this level of dedication that differentiates us from other B2B appointment setting companies. With Leads2cloz, you’ll get:


  • Transparent call recordings: The main benefit of our call recording process is that you can ensure we’re qualifying your leads to the highest standard. This transparency offers you peace of mind that we’re providing you with the most valuable information, targeting the ‘right’ prospects only.


  • Appointment assistance: Leads2cloz is unique because we offer our clients with digital recordings of the calls we make. When our marketers call prospects on behalf of your firm, they capture a substantial amount of data on the company of the prospects and how your firm can best benefit the prospect.


  • Target the right people: We have expert teams that specialize in building winning campaign pitches for lead generation. We never use scripts; instead, we work in collaboration – with you – to ensure we’re knowledgeable about your product and service to become an extension of your internal team swiftly.


  • Get the appointments you want: Being a major appointment setting company, we get the appointments you want. Nobody knows your product or service better than you. So, when it comes to your ideal prospects, we’ll take our lead from you. Just let us know about the decision-makers and businesses you’d like to get in front of, and we’ll take care of the rest.


What do you get with Leads2cloz?


You will be able to:


  • Substantially improve the success rates from appointments/calls and increase sales opportunities.


  • Get rid of the horror of cold calling by outsourcing to Leads2cloz, who has a superior sales mindset.


  • Improve sales performance with Leads2cloz, who are professionals of differentiating calls from those of your competitors – building credibility and trust faster.


  • Bypass the client and gatekeeper challenges effectively and effortlessly by having one foot already in the door with qualified meetings with the decision-maker.


  • Join a team of like-minded experts.


  • Acquire a team of experienced experts with honed and well-refreshed skills, winning more qualified meetings by adding value with the use of elegant though simple closing techniques.


  • Ultimately, gain your dream client.