Outsourced Sales

Leading outsourced sales company


Looking for outsourced sales for startups? We’ve got you covered. At Leads2cloz, we’ll manage and recruit sales for you. You can outsource parts or all of your sales activities to Leads2cloz – we offer flexible, ready-made sales resource to add, replace, or kick-start lead generation capacity of your firm. At Leads2cloz, we focus on outsourcing both the sign-up and prospecting stages of your sales process. We’re professionals in the organization and execution of long-term partnerships with our clients and new customer acquisition campaigns. We’re responsible for bringing results.


Our sales technique, technology, and mix of people will build a healthy sales pipeline that your business deserves. We loathe fixed overheads that are easier to set up and allow you the opportunity to gain all the resources and skills of a professional sales team at a far lower cost. Be it outsourced inside sales or outsourced sales for startups; you choose the range of services mandatory to meet the immediate needs of your company. We manage our staff and implement the plan specifically to sell your product or service.


Building profitable contracts is one of the only things that count. Leads2cloz does this by building good business relationships through disciplined follow-up and regular contact.


We understand that most of our clients have more potential to grow but are either limited by resources or don’t fully commit to a potential opportunity before thoroughly understanding the implications. We target prospects, offer resources, and generate sales leads.


It isn’t easy to generate a consistent sales flow. It takes discipline and experience to offer high quality leads for sales professionals at a comparatively lower cost. As a provider of outsourced inside sales, we’ve carried out sales lead generation and telemarketing projects for our diverse client base, facilitating you with both the planning and execution of campaigns.


Another fascinating benefit of outsourcing is to expand into distant markets or to test new markets without having to undergo a geographic expansion, which is quite expensive. This may lead to a substantial increase in sales through a multiple market presence. Being a major provider of outsourced sales for startups, Leads2cloz can bridge the gap for overseas firms wishing to acquire access to foreign markets. We offer a sales office and the capability to sell your products at a lower cost of recruiting staff directly and setting up your own office.


Why use Leads2cloz as your outsourced sales company?


  • Reporting/information management


  • Scalable and reduces the risk of employing and hiring


  • Lower cost per sale


  • Improved relationships with clients and prospects


  • Lead generation effectiveness and more effective prospecting


  • New product launch capability without a long-term commitment


  • More flexibility in building a sales force


  • Lower the cost of acquiring a new client


  • Speed to market


  • Higher volume and quality of sales leads for field sales representatives


  • Specialists can help in discovering key opportunities that existing sales force may be missing


  • Covers expanded sales territories


  • Focus on closing, technical sales, and core business.